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AAE was formed in 1967 to provide composite ablative insulation and structures for the solid and liquid rocket industry.  AAE has been fortunate in forming a highly experienced team with the expertise to fulfill your requirements. Our company has been created with an infrastrucure of people who have program experience that begins withthe First Manned Soft Landing on the moon to the Space Shuttle, the X-33, and countless programs of proprietary nature. As the Telecommunication Industry has begun an explosion of growth, the demand for new Low Cost Systems grows with it. Our expertise in Rocket Nozzle, and Alternative Lightweight Structural and Ablative Technologies has positioned us as a leading innovator of Low Cost, Lightweight Composite Components.

Allow the AAE Aerospace Team an opportunity to assist you a in low cost approach that will get your rockets, propulsion systems, and aircraft where you want them to go. Farther, faster, and safer.

Contact Information:
5382 Argosy Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Tel. (714) 898-9951

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Over 30 years of composite hardware experience

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Proven Reliability 

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